As qualified and registered Estate Agent in Italy we have been awarded the "secure transaction agency" further to courses and tests organized by the association FIAIP for professional agents we belong to.
Each property we promote has been thoroughly checked on the Land Registry and the Municipality permits, we will highlight any pending issues to resolve before your purchase.

First document

The first binding document towards your final deed of purchase is your offer proposal "proposta irrevocabile di acquisto" or reservation offer. This document reserves the property for a limited time of approximately 15 days. This time can be used to appoint a technical person and obtain a detailed survey of the property in question, fee to be confirmed. An informal deposit can be held until ready for the following step

Second document

The second step is to formalalize the transaction to an intention to buy document called “Compromesso”. This document is written by a notary of your choice and translated by an official translator for your full knowledge and understanding. The details on the Compromesso include the legal and land registry status of the property going back to 10 or 20 years. The deposit payment amount is agreed by the parties and can be between 10 to 20% of the final purchse price. This can ideally be given directly to the seller or to the notary in an escrow account until the final deed. The Compromesso will be registered at the Tax Office.

Final step

The final step is the “Rogito” or deed of sale. This document is officially done in front of a notary lawyer, legal representative of the Republic of Italy, witnesses and read for your benefit by a translator. The document reflects the information of the Compromesso plus any finalizing issues. On the day the property becomes yours after the final payment is made in exchange for the keys. You are now the rightful owner of the property in Italy.

General guideline to the purchasing cost of a property in Italy:

  • Once your offer price has been agreed the registration tax costs can be worked out, this vary if the property is going to be your main residence of a holiday home.
  • We recommend a survey to be carried out by a professional technical person like an Architect or an engineer. The survey will look into past work permit and the current status of the building against the land registry and municipality documents.
  • The notary’s fee will be calculated on the agreed purchase price.
  • Translation fees based on word count.
  • Estate agent fee.