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Anna Rita Cella Estate Agent Iscrizione al Ruolo degli Agenti di
Affari in Mediazione No 695 della Camera di Commercio di Fermo
Villa in Montefortino FM (12636)
€ 800.000 / £ 674.240
The 17th-century palace, in November 2001, underwent a conservative and static consolidation renovation aimed at safeguarding the historical-artistic identity of the building, avoiding the use of technologies extraneous to the original complex. The position and the wall texture, inconsistent and discontinuous, of the downstream façade suggest that the building is the sum of small buildings and that it has incorporated a tower or a fortification of the walls inside the seventeenth-century building, presumably of origin Iberica, conceivable by analyzing the rich interior decorative repertoire of the building. The building, like all the noble palaces of Montefortino, preserves inside a well for the collection and supply of rainwater, it stands on four levels of about 1000 square meters where in the basement floors with vaulted ceilings are located the cellars, while on the remaining floors there is the habitable part where on the first and second floor you can admire the frescoes on all the walls and ceilings as well as all the doors, giving them an inestimable value. Despite the restoration in 2001, following the last earthquake of 2016, the building has reported various damage to the supporting structure which will be restored with an important non-repayable loan (over one million Eu.). works are about 18 months and will start shortly. The sale price includes the property completely finished and restored in compliance with the new anti-seismic rules, all the previously restored solid wood doors, kept in a safe place, (total value of the doors over 200 thousand euros). Due to its beauty and location, the property is certainly suitable for a hospitality business and / or conference room. Considering that the property is protected by the fine arts, a favorable opinion was obtained from a meeting with the manager to carry out any accommodation activity with the necessary changes and insertion of the bathrooms necessary for the rooms. For more information you can contact us trying to give you all the necessary information.
  • 900 Sqm
  • State:
  • Bedrooms: 14
  • Bathrooms: 6
  • Rooms: 20
  • Floors: 0
  • Pool: No
  • Land: No
  • Garden: No
  • Heating: Inexistent
  • Energetic Class: G
  • Energy Performance: 175 kWh/mq